A Winter Survival Guide for your Home

Winter is now lingering all over the country with more snow and cold winds. Cities and towns almost cease with snow. In some areas, many families have wood stoves  and fireplaces to help them stay warm and many others are left to fend for themselves in homes not equipped for alternative heat. With only a small amount of preparation you can stay warm in relative comfort. However, here’s how to get through this winter without burst pipes, heat loss, huge electricity bills and other problems that the plague the home owner.

Heat Reduce

Think safe. Do not use the kerosene heater in an enclosed space. It is dangerous as it will use up the oxygen in the room and cause a serious problem like death of everyone sleeping in the room.
Reducing air leaks in walls and crawl spaces in floors can cut energy bills by up to 10 percent.
Adjust your thermostat between 65 and 70 degrees. Use a programmable thermostat to make the switches automatic if possible.  Close or install storm windows which reduce drafts and frost formation and can cut heat loss.

Keep Room Toasty

Run your ceiling fan at low speed in the reverse direction so the blades drive warm air down into the room.
Clean your furnace regularly. If your furnace isn’t too dirty, you can vacuum the blades yourself.


Drain the sediment from your water heater. Makes your habits to perform this twice every year.
Cut your garden hose.

Pesticide Control

Repair any exterior damage that might invite pests.
Try to clear your garage, especially when you’ve an attached garage. Check the caulking around vents and chimneys and make sure the seal tight. If you use ice rake on your roof then make sure you rake all the way to the roof’ peak.

Face Winter With More Reliability

You are now prepared for a power outage in your home. Your family will be safe together and you can contact other family and friends for assurance. I hope that you’ll find these measurements effective and useful in this winter. Happy winter season and snow falling!

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