Top fashion cities/places in the world

It was only in the 12th century that fashion actually started surfacing for men as well as for women. The idea caught on however it took ages to spread to different places and countries around the world.

Now, fashion has become such an important thing that it is seen as one of the most important aspects that set an impression of a certain place, city or a country.

Overtime it seems that along with politics, fashion has also emerged as the uniting or globalizing factor. It feels good to see fashion designers emerging from different cities and belonging to different ethnic backgrounds who bring their fresh exclusive ideas on to the rampage.

Fashion has come to be known as the biggest market present in the industry. It is an exhibition, collaboration, an event that is appreciated throughout the world. In this article I will be talking about, the top fashion cities or capitals that are exemplary for the whole world. The top, most fashionable cities:

Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona in Spain, is one city that has made its mark in the top ranking fashionable cities and from the looks of it, it seems that it plans to stay there. The city itself is so lively and full of culture that there can be a variety of different cultures found here only. The location of Barcelona-which is around the coast of Spain, also makes it easier to visit neighboring countries.



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