Vogue Paris Launches Fashion App for iPad

While you would love to keep track of the latest trends in the fashion world, isn’t it a drag to actually take time out to go through all those bulky magazines and confusing websites?


iPad Apps for For Fashion Stuff

Keeping tabs on the latest fashion trends is easier than ever thanks to a score of iPad apps appearing recently, which allow you to absorb the ins and outs while you are on the go. Some of these apps are informational, while others are more commercial in nature, guiding the end consumer to the latest fashion products. The Paris edition of the renowned fashion magazine Vogue has come up with its exclusive app dedicated to the runway shows. If staying updated on every little detail of the collections of your favorite designers every season, then this app will really come in handy for you. The app is easy to navigate and allows you to easily access all the images and news in archived form. This covers all the major fashion events around the globe which showcase works from some of the most prolific fashion designers of our times.


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