Summer Vacation Spots in the World

Summer time is a time to let your hair down…pack your bags & head to the best places for summer vacation! So, where are you planning to head this year for your vacations? The best places for summer are the ones with spectacular nature, exciting environments, beaches, sea, fantastic & dreamlike places, fun activities, the sun, facilities & more! This article is all about the top 10 summer vacation spots….read through and pick your desired spot….get planning, book tickets & have an amazing time!

The small heavenly island country called Maldives

Maldive Islands, also called Maldives happens to be the smallest country in Asia – population & area wise. It’s amongst the most incredible & greatest places on the globe. An absolutely amazing spot with cobalt blue colored lagoons, amazingly clean & white sand, beaches, exotic nature, crystal water & palm trees. This place is a sure-shot paradise for sun lovers, divers, honeymooners & adventurers.

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