4 Ways to Arrange Living Room Furniture

The living room is the part of the house where you can let your creativity flow in order to make a statement about your home and your personality. As a homeowner, you must be concerned about how to arrange living room chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture to make the best use of space and creating an attractive impression about your home. This article offers some simple tips you can use to arrange furniture in your living room more efficiently.


Play with symmetry

Symmetry is one of the first principles of design that are taught to architects and decorators. Symmetry helps to create balance within a space and has a positive effect on the mind. It is relaxing and calming to be present in a room that has symmetry. If you want to create such an environment in your living room, you can do so by arranging the furniture in a symmetrical way. Draw an imaginary line across the centre of your living room and divide the space into two halves. Now arrange the furniture in a way that it is equally distributed in each half. So two couches can go in one half and the other two couches can go in the other half exactly opposite the first two. The coffee table is then placed in the centre so that it is equally placed in each half of the room.

Use an open plan

You can use eastern and oriental styles to create an open layout for your living room. This means that you move the couches out of the living room and use a floor seating plan. Some mats and cushions can do the job perfectly well and leave you more space to walk around and set up your display pieces. This kind of layout also reduced the amount of lighting you need.


Create space for parties

Creating space in the living room is a very tricky matter. You will feel the need to create space in your living room most acutely if you frequently have parties or get-togethers. Having too many guests in your living room with little space to walk about can be embarrassing and very inconvenient. You must arrange the furniture in a way that creates maximum space. You can start by buying smaller pieces of furniture. However, if you already have furniture then you can create space if you arrange living room space by placing the furniture along the walls. This creates more room to walk and move around in the middle of the living room.


Create a warm environment

Furniture can help you arrange living room space in a way that creates a warm environment. You can do this by arranging furniture pieces closer to each other and by moving them away from the walls. Using heavy items and warm materials such as leather, velvet and wood can also create a warm and cozy environment. If you have a textured wall in the living room, then draw all furniture away from it and arrange the furniture along the blank walls of the living room.


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