Oscars Awards 2013 – The Winners

The 2013 Oscars were attended by Hollywood glitterati and had some excellent nominations to boast. We present here some of the notable winners and their achievement in the past year.

Best Picture in Oscar Awards

The list of nominees for the Best Picture award was impressive to say the least. The category included the likes of Argo, Amour, Les Miserables, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. Surprisingly, the award was won by Argo despite the fact that many had expected the award to be picked up by Lincoln. Nonetheless, George Clooney and company seemed mighty pleased to receive their award for their depiction on real life events in American history.


Best Actor in a Leading Role

The year 2012 had seen some impressive performances from the leading actors of Hollywood. The performances that made it to the nominations list included Bradley Cooper for his performance in Silver Linings Playbook, Hugh Jackman for his classic performance in Les Miserables, Joaquin Phoenix for his stellar performance in The Master, Denzel Washington for his role in Flight, and finally Daniel Day-Lewis for his performance as Abraham Lincoln in the movie Lincoln. As expected, the glory went to Lewis for his deceptively effortless performance as the Father of the Union.


Best Actress in a Leading Role

The leading actresses of Hollywood were not far behind when it came to delivering stellar performances in 2012. Several of the best names in Hollywood acting made it to the list. This included Jessica Chastain for her performance in Zero Dark Thirty, Jennifer Lawrence for her work in Silver Linings Playbook, Emmanuelle Riva for her performance in Amour, Quvenzhane Wallis in Beasts of the Wild, and Naomi Watts for her performance in the action thriller The Impossible. The award was duly won by Jennifer Lawrence for her wonderfully sensitive portrayal of her character in Silver Linings Playbook.


Best Original Score

2012 witnessed some remarkable music coming out of Hollywood. The movies that were nominated for the best original score of 2012 were Anna Karenina, Argo, Life of Pi, Lincoln and Skyfall. Each of these movies had riveting scores that blended in seamlessly with the narrative. However, the award was won by Mychael Danna for his hauntingly melodious score in Life of Pi. The music perfectly essayed the feelings of awe and surrealism that the movie aimed to create.


Best Documentary Feature

The movies that were included in the nominations list for the 2012 best documentary feature film included 5 Broken Cameras by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi, The Gatekeepers by Dror Moreh, Philippa Kowarsky and Estelle Fialon, How to Survive a Plague by David France and Howard Gertler, The Invisible War by Kirby Dick and Any Ziering, and Searching for Sugar Man by Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn. The award was picked up by the Searching for Sugar Man.


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