Red Carpet of Academy Awards Is On Shining Stage Now!!!

Much eagerly anticipated, the 85th Academy Awards Luncheon took place on February 4, 2013. As expected, the event was attended by the who’s who of Hollywood dressed in their best attire. Let’s take a peep into their wardrobe to discover their style mantras and get some inspiration for the next big bash.

Black is the colour of the Season

It seems that black is the colour of the season. Anne Hathaway made her appearance in a sleeveless black sheath with matching sandals. The entire black ensemble was offset by gold bracelets that set went wonderfully with the black outfit. Jessica Chastain too seemed hooked on to black. Her black floral sheath was also marked by pink and blue patterns. Black lace could also be observed on the sleeves of her outfit.


The Grayscale Continues

It seems that Helen Hunt too decided to stick to the grayscale. She appeared at the event dressed in a dapper pearl grey dress. One noticed much use of accessories as her earrings and bracelets were quite conspicuous but blended in well with the overall look. Sally Field too appeared in an ivory colored dress along with black shoes. Jennifer Lawrence too decided to play it safe with a white strapless dress and pointed black shoes for contrast.

Bright Purples and Peaches

Thanks to Amy Adams who broke the monotony of the grayscale with her use of purple chiffon for her attire. When it came to footwear, it seemed that all the women favored a neutral shade. Another trend noticeable among all the women was the elongated leg look.

As if the black/grey spell had been broken for good, Jacki Weaver made a statement with her neon peach cocktail dress offset by bright red lips and earrings. She too walked up the hall in peeptoe sandals and a large bracelet.

What About the Men?

Moving on to the men, the attire of choice was the formal suit, while not everyone appeared with the tie. Among those who stood out as smartly dressed were Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman, while most of the men did not appear remarkable.


Well, that seems to be a wrap. Once again, the ladies have outclassed the men by moving beyond the conventional. Although the formal occasion required adherence to the traditional styles, some women seemed to take the plunge and sport brighter colours. We think the men have some serious catching up to do.

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