The Top 5 Ideas for Women’s Workplace Footwear

This year, footwear for the workplace is about professionalism and communicating your personal style. Yes, you can achieve both without sacrificing your personal style for conforming to the corporate dress code. But you do need to know where to draw the line. We give you some great ideas to revamp your footwear for this year and work in style at the office.

Classic Pumps

Everybody has at least one pair of shoes that can go with everything. This is the perfect pair of shoes for those days when you simply can’t decide what goes with your outfit. A classic example of such shoes is a pair of black pumps. Everybody has at least two or three pair of this classic design.
However, this year, we encourage you to move a bit away from the traditional black and give nude shades a chance. Yes, these will also go perfectly with any style or colour of clothing. And they won’t look as monotonous or bland as your black pumps. Alternating between the two will also make you feel less scared of being perceived as a style dud.


Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are also very popular at the workplace. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also quiet, something that your colleagues will greatly appreciate off and on. Despite their appeal, you can go wrong with flat shoes that do not communicate an image of professionalism.
The wrong choice in flat shoes can make you look as if you have just stepped out of grade school. Yes, flat shoes in the wrong style can make you look childish. So make sure that the next time you go shoe shopping, invest in some flat shoes that look elegant and lady-like.


Oxford-style Shoes

Oxford shoes are a great way to make a style statement at work. There is nothing fussy or outlandish about them, so you won’t need to worry about raising any eyebrows. At the same time, they are stylish and communicate a sense of energy about the wearer through the use of shoelaces and material. With more university graduates entering the workforce, they add that touch of youthfulness combined with professionalism. They can go well with skirts as well as with work trousers.


Making a Bold Statement

There is nothing wrong with making a bit of a bold statement through your footwear. The thing to keep in mind is that you need to communicate some sense of conformity. This can be achieved by going for shoes that have a conservative or traditional style, such as the universal pump shoe design, but come in a bold colour or pattern. So pumps with animal prints may be your thing or flat shoes in metallic green.


Heels? Some Discretion

Heeled shoes are great for work as long as they are less than four inches high. They do make you look elegant but should not distract the attention of the people working around you.


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