Women’s Dresses Summer 2015 Collection in USA

Summer is here and the hunt for the latest fashion trends of the year is on. The greatest amount of excitement is invariably over what new trends are going to be witnessed in women’s dresses this summer. The season is typically associated with loose-fitting and brightly colored outfits that allow the body to breathe in sweltering temperatures. Here are some of the most notable trends in women’s dresses that have been spotted on fashion runways across the United States.


Navy blue

This color makes a rare appearance in the world of fashion, but 2015 seems to be the year when this color will really be in vogue. The deep hues of navy blue make it a little less versatile but if you know how to carry it, the color can give a distinctive look to your wardrobe this summer. Ideal for evening dresses, you have to make this demure color part of your summer wardrobe this year.


Women’s fashion in summer 2015 is going to be about flair and making bold statements. Jumpsuits made a big splash in the world of fashion in 2013 and will continue their streak of popularity in 2015 as well. These are flexible garments can be designed to be loose-fitting as well as body-hugging depending on your fashion statement.

The hippie trend

It seems like we have been waiting for this for so long. The 70s are back and women’s dresses this summer are going to be inspired from the loose and flowy dresses from the 1970s. The groovy color palettes from the hippie era and the fabulous fabrics will experience a resurgence to add a class of elegance to your wardrobe in summer 2015.

Neon colors

Seems like this trend is here to stay. Neon colors arrived on to the scene in a big way and there are no indications that the trend is to decline any time soon. Fashion runways in the USA were embellished with these bold and eye-catching neon colors on women’s dresses as well as accessories including shoes, bags and jewelry.


Like neon colors, khaki is an acquired taste and it seems that summer 2015 will be the year when designers will fall in love with the color once again. Come to think of it, khaki is an ideal summer color with its neutral tones and breathy look.


Summer 2015 seems to be the season of comebacks. When was the last time designers were going crazy over lace? It appears that women’s dresses will witness a revival of exotic lace patterns in delicate designs. Lace offers a perfect touch to the delicate and ethereal quality of summer designs.

Vintage designs

An interesting trend in women’s dresses this summer will be the pastiche style of vintage designs. The practice of mixing and matching different vintage fabrics will be accommodated into the designs for eclectic women’s summer dresses, thus allowing consumers to experience an endless array of prints, fabrics and motifs in fashion lines this year.

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